CCFM has been an amazing way to keep up with the many and varied topics that relate to being a facilities manager in the Catholic Church. Where else can you learn about proper roofing techniques, stained glass window considerations, and canon law all in one conference? I have enjoyed the variety of educational topics at the conferences and have especially enjoyed getting involved with the Energy and Efficiency Committee. I’ve made many great connections with committee members and loved being able to present to the CCFM community on my passion of energy efficiency. – Jeff Bohrer, M.S., P.E., Director of Property Management and Real Estate, Archdiocese of Cincinnati


Two years ago, I had never heard of CCFM. For years, I had gone to seminars of various sorts, but I had never found an organization that so effectively zeroes in on our unique field. The things I need — bells, stained glass, historic roofing — the unique things that only religious communities deal with … CCFM already has connections and insight into those unique areas. After seeing the website, I knew CCFM was exactly what I had hoped to find. – Mike Edgar, CFM National Director of Facility Services, Felician Sisters

Sauder Worship Seating’s decade long partnership with CCFM helps us understand how to help property managers and facility managers within the Diocese satisfy any seating challenge as well as develop meaningful relationships with essential members of the diocesan team. – Amanda Opdycke, Marketing Manager, Sauder Worship Seating


We are a small diocese with a small staff; we all wear many hats. I personally am responsible for human resources, safe environment, cemeteries and facility management. When I first heard about CCFM, I recognized it as a chance to learn from and network with professionals from other dioceses. CCFM has been a great resource to me — so much so, that I brought our retreat director to the last conference, so that we could bring back twice as much information. I found that CCFM gives you a great bang for the buck. – Mike Wyse, the Chancellor of the Diocese of San Angelo, Texas