Strategic Plan

Adopted: June 2010
Revised: April 2016
Revised and Approved: June 2020

I. Annual Conference:
Goal: The Conference for Catholic Facility Management will provide its members a successful Annual Conference. 

Objective A: Deliver a successful conference that provides pertinent and useful information for the members.


  • Set conference location schedule at least 3 years in advance, generally set for the week after Easter. 
  • Keynote speaker to be identified at least 12 – 18 months prior to conference. Rational is that many keynote speakers are sought after and are scheduled a year or more out. Planning further ahead would allow CCFM to schedule a select and contract with a speaker. 
  • Conference brochure needs to be sent out no later than January of the conference year, therefore conference information needs to be set by November 1st
  • Education track selection should continue, and present preliminary list to be reviewed at the conference board meeting. The list would then be finalized at the Fall board meeting with presenters already set for each education track. 

Objective B: Vendors shall be associated with the work performed by members and a variety of vendors shall exhibit at the conference.


  • Exhibitor registration should be sent out in November to allow vendors to schedule their attendance around other conferences. Early registration would provide an opportunity to advertise to members which vendors will be attending and exhibiting at the CCFM conference. 

Objective C: Provide educational tracks that are of quality content and relevant information for members.

Actions/Tasks for Education Committee:

  • Meet throughout the year and formulate a spreadsheet of track offerings
  • Provide an educational option in the morning prior to the tour. The topic should be meaningful to all members to increase participation. 
  • For earlier production of conference registration information, the education tracks with speakers shall be set earlier. 
  • Present preliminary tracks to the Board at the spring/Conference board meeting and finalize the tracks at Fall board meeting. 
  • Members have requested panel discussions because they want to hear what others are doing that can help them do their job more efficiently. Suggest having a panel discussion mid- conference as a general session. 
  • Insure that AIA professional education credits are awarded 

Objective D: Achieve budget conference income and expense goals


  • Increase exhibitor hall square feet in order to provide a diverse group of vendors with applicable products. 
  • Finalize local sponsorship at least six months before conference 

Objective E: Ensure that Conference Planning Committee is active and successful

Actions/Tasks: Ensure that Conference Planning Committee is active and successful

  • Conference Planning Committee should consist of a representative from prior year’s host diocese, current year’s host diocese and the following year’s host diocese in order to provide continuity and share lessons learned. 
  • Conference Planning Committee shall begin its work in a timely fashion in order to coordinate and meet conference deadlines. 
  • Conference Planning Committee shall report to the Board of Directors each month 

II. Leadership:
Goal: Build a leadership team that will enable CCFM to grow and carry out its mission and vision in meeting the strategic plan. 

Objective A: Identify and recruit talented members representing a cross-section of the membership and the professional skills needed to balance the Board of Directors and various committees. 


  • At Fall board meeting identify skills and membership (religious order or diocesan) needed to ensure balance on Board of Directors 
  • Nominating Committee needs to actively recruit members to sit on the Board of Directors and committees that have skills needed to ensure balance on each committee. 

Objective B: Hire and retain a Managing Director who will report to the Board of Directors.


  • Board shall review and update job description of Managing Director on an annual basis. 
  • Maintain history and procedures of CCFM, including providing access during time of transition (whether planned or unplanned). 

Objective C: Establish and structure committees to best serve membership. 

Objective D: Review and update bylaws, at least bi-annually. 

III. Membership:
Goal: Enhance the benefits of CCFM membership for all its members. 

Objective A: Provide opportunities for Corporate members to foster relationships with CCFM members: 


  • Improve access to diocesan and religious members by Corporate members utilizing updated directory and social media 
  • Seek diversity of services and products to meet the variety of needs of the members in concert with the goals and objectives of the Member Relations Committee, including development of the application process 
  • Pursue national accounts through cooperative procurement entities, i.e. Sourcewell or equal 
  • Create a year-round value to Business members in the form of webinars, articles in the newsletter and social media presence. 
  • During the annual conference support opportunities for regular members and Corporate Members to interact 

Objective B: Enhance benefits to regular membership. 


  • Encourage dioceses and religious organizations to participate in CCFM; 
  • Expand regular membership to all North American dioceses, religious organizations, and other Catholic organizations i.e. Canada and Mexico; 
  • Create a year-round value for all regular members via newsletter, webinars, social media and discussion board 
  • Provide members continuing education credits for webinars and course offerings 

IV. Association
Goal: Recognition of CCFM as an important and value-added organization for its members and institutions which they represent. 

Objective A: Continue affiliation with other Catholic organizations and increase collaborative partners, such as USCCB, Catholic Extension, LCWR, DMSM, DFMC


  • Add endorsement or affiliation on website stating affiliated with USCCB 
  • List other groups that CCFM is affiliated with on the website. 
  • Participate in at least two other conference of Catholic organizations each year. 

Objective B: Stronger use of social media to get our membership to “tune in” regularly by increasing member participation to at least 50% of members. 


  • Send communication to membership showing what’s been posted in past month. 
  • Invite members to be authors on social media posts. 
  • Increase regularity of posts and link between website, social media platforms and like other groups. 
  • Perform annual review of all social media platforms and adjust accordingly to what’s out there and what fits best for CCFM 
  • Survey corporate members about what they are using to reach their customers. 

V. Resource:
Goal: The Conference for Catholic Facility Management will continually provide resources in the areas of real estate, design, construction, sustainability, and facility management to all members year-round. 

Objective A: Provide greater interaction between members


  • Board members should contact new members occasionally to welcome new members and to foster professional development. 
  • Include each member’s area of expertise in the on-line directory. This would allow members to contact another member within a specific area that they are needing assistance, advice, or information. 

Objective B: Continually update and improve website


  • Maintain an up-to-date, accurate, and searchable membership directory for ease of use by all the members. 
  • Keep website updated with current, readily accessible information for all members 

Objective C: Provide and develop new programs


  • Increase webinar offerings, frequency and variety of topics. 
  • Provide continuing education credits for webinars.