Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Conference for Catholic Facility Management?

CCFM is an association of professionals doing work for the Catholic Church in areas of real estate, construction, facility management, and sustainability. The association is comprised of representatives from each member organization. In addition, our association includes corporate members who are committed to doing quality work and bringing new products, processes, and techniques to our members. For more information about CCFM, please refer to the “About Us” section of this website.

How many Arch/Diocesan/Religious Institutes members does CCFM serve?

Membership has steadily grown since our inception in 1997. We began with just arch/diocesan members and in 2013 began accepting membership from religious institutes. In 2016, CCFM began accepting membership from dioceses in Canada making us an international association. The bylaws were modified in 2018 to accept membership from “any Catholic organization that employs a facility manager.”

In recent years, we have had upwards of 120 member dioceses and upwards of 55 member religious institutes.

How many Corporate members are there?

CCFM began accepting Corporate members in 2000. Corporate members are our lifeblood as their membership, exhibiting, and most importantly, their sponsorship enables us to do what we do. In recent years, we have around 100+ Corporate Members.

How many staff members from each arch/diocese or religious institute can participate with CCFM?

There is currently no limit on how many representatives an organization can list. Representatives listed receive the newsletter, emails regarding webinars, and conference materials.

It is important to note that the membership is by organization. Anyone from the organization, even if they aren’t listed as a representative, can utilize the benefits of membership. If we have a webinar on record keeping, your archives staff can sign up to attend. If we offer an educational track at the conference on insurance, your risk manager can attend even if they aren’t a listed representative.

How many CCFM members attend the annual conference?

This number fluctuates. On average, we have 150+ attendees. This number reflects only religious member attendees; not corporate.

How many companies typically exhibit at the conference?

In recent years, we have approximately 45 exhibitors.

Besides the exhibit hall, what else does the CCFM Conference offer?

The conference also provides educational tracks and speakers. These tracks all qualify for continuing education credits.

We gather for mass on the second morning. An opportunity to worship together, the mass is usually offered by the archbishop of the host archdiocese and con-celebrated by our episcopal moderator.

Many members express the biggest benefit is the ability to network with others in their unique field. Working for the Catholic Church in this area of facility and property management provides unique challenges, opportunities, and experiences. Networking with other professionals provides problem solving, new ideas and compassion.

What are the benefits or services that CCFM delivers to its member organizations?

In addition to the conference where a member has the potential to earn 9 CEC, members have access to the CCFM website resources, publications, and discussion board. At any time, a member can access the Discussion Board to post a question out to the entire membership for feedback. Also on the website are previously recorded webinars. A quarterly newsletter with industry information is mailed/emailed out to listed representatives. CCFM seeks to serve its membership in whatever areas of need arise. Members can contact leadership with their needs and we will strive to meet the need; we exist to serve you!