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    I’m wondering what arch/dioceses are doing and advising parishes to do, about rent from 3rd party tenants where the property is not/cannot be used for the intended purpose, and the tenant is asking for rent abatement?
    I’m guessing it depends very much on individual circumstances but would appreciate any wisdom in general.
    It’s hard morally for the Church to insist on rent, of course, but does it make sense to request tenants to apply for CARES benefits to ease the burden on already depleted Church resources?

    Blessings to you and your staff and members!


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    Mary TichyMary Tichy

    I received this response from Chris Dowler, Dowler Construction:

    Here is what I am sending to my residential landlords. I’ll be doing a similar one for commercial landlords tomorrow. This is a time for collaborative thinking and cooperative workouts. The Church can’t be heavy handed, nor can it be a shrinking violet.

    Please view attachment.

    Chris Dowler

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    Mary Tichy
    Managing Director

    Bill Zoeller

    Mr. Macken,

    The Archdiocese of Louisville had a similar situation recently. We have a tenant which happens to be an Academy for 12 male foreign exchange students which rents a former Holy Cross Brothers house from the Archdiocese of Louisville. The Holy Cross brothers came to Louisville to start a High School in the 1960’s. The Brothers have long since left and the archdiocese inherited the property, including their former house and school. When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit Louisville, they were forced to send most of their 12 students back to their home country. Obviously they had to discontinue the “Boarding” portion of their program. Which left them with no way to pay the rent.

    From a civil law perspective, we could have legally enforced the lease to the letter and required them to continue to pay rent. Instead, and in the spirit of compassion in this time of tumultuous upheaval, we opted to defer their rent for four months and tack it on to the end of their lease. It doesn’t forgive them of the obligation; but it does help them get over this hump we are calling the Coronavirus.

    I hope this gives you some inspiration to move forward. I would like to hear how you handled your situation.

    Stay Healthy; Stay Safe!


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