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    Daniel J Misleh

    I’ve received a few calls over the years about installing solar on parishes. Several issues arise that stymie people: 1) diocesan bureaucratic process especially getting an answer from HQ; 2) Lack of interest by solar installers; 3) financing; 4) non-profits can’t take advantage of tax incentives for solar installations.

    Is this a common experience? Is there anyone out there who has successfully negotiated these issues? Feel free to post to the group or email me or call me directly:

    Dan Misleh
    Catholic Climate Covenant

    Randy Bollig

    Hello Dan,
    I’ll send more info to you directly but Non-Profits can navigate the rough waters of installing Solar AND tap into the two major tax incentives (ITC & MACRS Depreciation) that are normally reserved for For-Profit entities. My firm Energy Management Advisors (EMA) has developed and is deploying a Financing Methodology we call the Church Member LLC Lease. This LLC is a For-Profit investment vehicle for Church Members with a tax liability who fund, own and operate the solar installation. This type of equipment lease financing plays out in six years, then title of the installation is transferred to the church. With no upfront investment required by the church (or Diocese) and local monetization of the tax incentives, this financing beats all other methods of solar funding, especially those 20 Yr PPA’s or operating leases. See the attached flyer for more info. We are currently rolling this out in the Diocese of Fresno and at Hospitals & Private Schools in California. The Diocese of Phoenix is also looking for a pilot to get started. Both Bishops are now in support of Solar. Installers/Contractors take notice when Non-Profits are organized, have a plan for funding the initiatives and see a respected church stakeholder or Finance Committee Member as an advocate.
    In addition to Solar Consulting, Engineering & RFP Contracting assistance, EMA orchestrates Building Energy Efficiency updates like Lighting Retrofits for Non-Profit Clients. We seek out utility rebates, grants and subsidized equipment loans to fund these projects.
    For more info on Energy Efficiency or Solar contact: Randy Bollig 602.818.8102 Thanks!

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