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    Herb Stoughton

    The Diocese of Cheyenne is purchasing a building near the Office of the Chancery which was owned by the City of Cheyenne. The site is one block from the Chancery, and a portion of the site is being considered the future home of the Chancery and other Catholic organizations. The property also could be used for professional offices or similar functions.
    Currently, the Cathedral, Cathedral offices and social center, the rectory for the Cathedral, and the Chancery (plus parking) encompass one city block. The acquisition of this facility provides an opportunity to reconfigure use of various buildings. In the meantime, the size of the new acquisition provides an opportunity to lease excess space for additional income.
    Currently, the Diocese of Cheyenne does not have any other properties which are considered “commercial” (not directly churches or residences for religious personnel).
    I have been asked to prepare an action plan addressing property and facility management for this acquisition. The parishes throughout the Diocese have “informal” facility management programs. However, these programs are informal and address the local needs and the personnel available.
    I would appreciate information/copies of the following activities for either a contractor or in-house person:
    1. Position description of desired qualifications for an in-house employee.
    2. Critical elements of performance for the assignment for the employee or contractor.
    3. Minimum education and work experience required for the assignment.
    4. Criteria and/or procedures for drug testing.
    5. If a contractor is used, a sample of the contract to provide services, types of insurance (performance/liability) required.
    6. If a contractor is employed, the list of “checks” employed for evaluating contract performance.
    7. A copy of the contract employed.

    This may appear to be a large request, but since the Diocese of Cheyenne does not have any experience is this endeavor, every effort is being made to address potential issues for the assignment.
    Copies of in-house documents detailing the above issues would be appreciated. Please submit your comments and suggestions to:
    Thank you.


    Herbert W. Stoughton, Ph.D., P.E., P.L.S., C.P.
    Geodetic Engineer
    2821 Carey Avenue
    Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
    (307) 632-7460
    Chairman, Building Commission
    Diocese of Cheyenne

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