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    Rob BennettRob Bennett

    After a recent EPA visit, we(I) need to tighten up on somethings. The hardest thing for me to do is training of new maintenance/custodial personnel at our schools.

    What online training are you using for the required 2HR asbestos awareness needed for these workers.


    Rob Bennett
    Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee


    Rob – Christian Brothers Insurance only has one training.

    General Industry Asbestos
    Awareness, 23:04 Min.
    Target Audience: Employees
    This training program provides participants with basic information about asbestos and its hazards and identifies typical asbestos-containing materials within work areas. The training does not qualify employees to work with asbestos-containing materials.


    Here is the contact information that was provided by our environmental resource here in Baltimore:


    I am not sure there is a generic presentation that could be offered to all membership throughout the US since local jurisdictions have their own requirements. If there is one, maybe it could be offered thru CCFM for cost savings.

    Rick Baker

    In a past life when I worked for Motel 6 where I held Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner Certifications. The Awareness Class can be given by a “Qualified Expert”. I actually did the class for several years and became the Company Expert so to say. The 2 hour course doesn’t qualify the Maintenance People to clean up the debris, it only meets the EPA Guidelines for training your employees. We tell them here if they see a disturbance based on the information in their O & M Program – first isolate, second call us at Facilities, then we dispatch a clean up contractor. Too much liability if they handle it. Here I had our Environmental Engineering Firm teach the first class and I am relying on my past Certifications to be the “Expert” and I do the annual now. Well I am just probably more informed than the average bear.

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