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Between 1989 and 1994, dioceses in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Baltimore, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania) met annually to discuss issues and topics of mutual interest. Additionally, the Dioceses of New York held similar meetings for all the dioceses in their state. Around this same time, there were similar annual regional meetings taking place in the West; specifically, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and finally Portland.

In February 1994, the Diocese of Fresno contacted the Archdiocese of Baltimore to inquire about a local, non-denominational conference scheduled in Baltimore to see if it was worth attending. During this conference, facility representatives met from the surrounding Baltimore area dioceses to discuss what was happening on both sides of the Country. The Eastern contingency was informed of the Western Conference to be held in Denver in the spring of 1994. As a result of this meeting, the conference extended invitations to many of the Easter dioceses.

In April of 1995, the Western Conference held in San Francisco was attended by approximately 50 personnel from dioceses across the country. At the conclusion of that meeting, there was an extended discussion among all the attendees of our future course. An East coast venue for the next meeting would assist in the establishment of a national organization.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore hosted the “1st National Conference” in April 1996, where 75 dioceses were represented with over 125 total attendees. An ad-hoc committee was formed to plan the next conference in Phoenix and began preparations for a formal organization with a constitution and by-laws with the goal of being listed in the Official Catholic Directory. Lou Baird was appointed the chairperson.

In 1997, the Diocese of Phoenix held the most successful conference to date, drawing almost 125 diocesan representatives. The new bylaws and constitution were adopted, officers elected, and the listing in the Official Catholic Directory was established.

Mission Statement

The Conference for Catholic Facility Management (CCFM) provides a forum for professionals working for our church in matters of real estate, construction, and facility management. The conference promotes professional development while nurturing the spiritual growth of its members responsible for Catholic owned buildings and properties through sharing the knowledge and experience of all members. CCFM seeks to contribute to the effectiveness and strength of our Church by providing professional training, continuing education, networking, and advocating the highest standards of work and professionalism for all members.

Our purpose is:

  • To provide a forum and a network for persons having responsibility for diocesan or religious-owned buildings and/or properties
  • To promote the spiritual and personal growth of its member representatives in their special ministry of serving the Church
  • To foster the professional development of each member representative through the sharing of the knowledge and experience of all
  • To contribute to the effectiveness and growth of the Church

Our annual conference sites have included:

1996: Baltimore, Maryland

1997: Phoenix, Arizona

1998: Newport, Rhode Island

1999: Palm Springs, California

2000: Atlanta Georgia

2001: Indianapolis, Indiana

2002: St. Petersburg, Florida

2003: San Diego, California

2004: New Orleans, Louisiana

2005: Denver, Colorado

2006: Washington DC

2007: Chicago, Illinois

2008: Orlando, Florida

2009: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2010: Orange, California

2011: St. Louis, Missouri

2012: Covington, Kentucky

2013: Seattle, Washington

2014: New Orleans, Louisiana

2015: Savannah, Georgia

2016: Phoenix, Arizona

2017: Miami, Florida

2018: Austin, Texas

2019: Minneapolis, Minnesota

2020: Baltimore, Maryland – Cancelled, COVID-19