Stained Glass Restoration & Exterior Glazing Systems

Stained Glass Restoration & Exterior Glazing Systems

Date: Tue, Oct 11, 2016
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm (Central)
Presenter(s): Ron G. Bovard, CEO of Bovard Studio, Inc.

Course Information:

Stained glass cleaning, preservation, and protective covering systems are the subject of this webinar. You will learn about cleaning, maintenance, repair, releading, protective covering (storm windows), framing systems, structural requirements/repair, documentation, safety and glass painting.

Objectives 1: Understand stained glass repairs vs. restoration
Objectives 2: Understand structural requirements of stained glass windows & their maintenance
Objectives 3: Why stained glass windows fail
Objectives 4: What is the proper design for frames and protective covering for stained glass windows
Objectives 5: Safety issues to consider & legal requirements for work on stained glass windows & frames

Who Should Attend?
Entry 1: Facility managers that recommend or decide to purchase stained glass window restoration, frames or protective covering
Entry 2: Facility managers & church stewards who are responsible for preserving the Catholic church's stained glass heritage
Entry 3: Those responsible for the protection of the Catholic church's parishioners and children (lead safety, hurricane & wind load codes)
Entry 4: Those financially responsible for protecting the RCC from government fines (proper lead handling & disposal)
Entry 5: Those interested in preserving and maintaining a safe worship space