Historic Window Replication

Historic Window Replication

Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017
Time: 2:00am (Central)
Presenter(s): Kurtis Sullentrop

Course Information:

Duration: 1 hour

This multimedia presentation reviews the history of fenestrations and aspects of replication of windows in historically significant buildings. The course will cover several aspects of historic window including: grids, muntins, shadowlines, finishes, mullions, glazing, operations and intricate details. We will also discuss how to work with the local and regional Historic Review Committee as well as dealing with hazardous materials including lead, PCB’s and asbestos. Finally we will discuss the pro’s and cons of the “replace vs renew” options concerning installation, thermal, acoustic, energy, light and recycling analysis. This webinar offered AIA Continuing Education Credits, however, you must have attened live; you will not earn the credits watching the recording.

Objectives 1: Definitions, Components and critical aspects of historic windows.
Objectives 2: Identify the critical aestheic aspects to accurately replciate historic windows.
Objectives 3: Understand the requirements and abilities to meet current performance, energy and structural building codes.
Objectives 4: Evaluate potential environmental demolition and installation issues and solutions.
Objectives 5:

Who Should Attend?
Entry 1: Architects, Owners, Designers, Engineers
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