Historic Clay Tile: Why and How to Use it Successfully

Historic Clay Tile: Why and How to Use it Successfully

Date: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017
Time: 11:00am (Central)

Course Information:

Duration: 1 hour

This course, available for 1.5 AIA Credits, will give design and building professionals an in-depth understanding of clay roof tiles: their composition, quality, design considerations, color and style. This ancient roofing material has been used since Neolithic times and continues to be used today. You will learn about the history of clay tile, how it is made, its material advantage, how to choose color, and how it is installed.

Objectives 1: Explain the history of clay roof tile.
Objectives 2: Describe how clay tile is made and installed for long-lasting performance.
Objectives 3: Apply the unique features of a quality clay roof tile to both traditional and contemporary projects, as well as restoration work.
Objectives 4:
Objectives 5:

Who Should Attend?
Entry 1: Architects and Design Professionals
Entry 2: Facilities Managers
Entry 3: Construction Professionals
Entry 4:
Entry 5: