Associated Crafts/Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Inc.

Company name: Associated Crafts/Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Inc.

Representative: Cynthia Gallagher

Address: 1685 Wilke Drive, Winona, MN 55987

Phone: 800-533-3960 (ext. 727)

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About Associated Crafts/Willet Hauser Architectural Glass, Inc.:

Since 1898 Willet Hauser Architectural Glass has a legacy of stunning stained glass design and over six decades of renowned restoration. We have completed over 10,000 projects throughout the United States and in 14 countries around the world.

The proof of our artistry is in the projects that we have designed and restored. Here are just a few prominent examples of the thousands of churches and institutions that have been our clients during the last century:

……You can trust your legacy to our legacy.

  • The National Cathedral, Washington, DC
  • The Church Center, United Nations, NY
  • Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
  • Alice Millar Chapel, Northwestern University
  • Princeton University Chapel
  • The Cadet Chapel, United States Military Academy, West Point
  • Arlington National Cemetery Chapel
  • The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NY

When you choose Willet Hauser to create or preserve your legacy in stained glass, you are placing it in the experienced hands of artists, designers and craftspeople whose sole purpose is to ensure that every detail reflects your unique vision in a tribute of glass, color, and light.

We design, create and restore environments that teach and inspire through the use of glass, color, and light. Our stained glass studio is “Where light learns to speak”.
We are the largest stained glass studio in the world! We have successfully serviced over 25 thousand customers in 50 states and 16 foreign countries.

We have worked with many CCFM members. Doug DuRivage, Jim Zielinski, Tim Muter, Greg Fleck, Bruce Boylan, Brian Harvey, Don Knochelman, Deacon, Paul Mahefky, John Shaheens, Michael Quilici, Rob Bennett, Andrew Guljas and Bill Zoeller to name a few.

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