What is the Conference for Catholic Facility Management?
CCFM is an organization of professionals doing work for the Catholic Church in the areas of real estate, construction, and facility management. The organization is comprised of those professionals from the Arch/Dioceses and Religious Institutes from around the country. In addition, our organization includes valued business partners (companies/corporations) who are committed to doing quality work and bringing new products, process, and techniques to the real estate, construction, and facility management of the Catholic Church. For more information about CCFM please refer to The About Us Section on this website.

How many Arch/Diocese’s and Religous Institutes are membes of the CCFM?
As of September, 2015, there are 150 member organizations as well as the USCCB and the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change.

How many Corporate members are there?
As of September, 2015, there are 87 corporate affiliates that provide the specialized services that our members need.

How many staff members from each Arch/Diocese or Religious organizations can participate with CCFM?
We encourage that each organization have a main contact person and three additional members from each organization, however, there is currently no limitation on how many representatives you can list.

How many Arch/Dioceses and Religious Organization members typically attend the annual conference?
In May, 2015, we had 180 attendees at our conference in Savannah, Georgia.  The location varies and we try to convene in different areas of the county.  A listing of our past conferences can be found under the About Us tab of the home page.

How many companies typically exhibit at the conference?
There are typically 40 exhibitors at the conference.

Besides the exhibitors, what can I expect from the conference?
The conference also provides educational tracks and speakers.  These tracks often qualify as continuing education.  Many members express the biggest benefit is meeting with other professionals in their field.  Catholic facilities management is a unique field and the conference is designed to offer support for its members.

What are the benefits or services that CCFM delivers to its member organizations?
In addition to the conference, members receive quarterly newsletters, opportunities to participate or provide webinars, and participate in our website Discussion Board where you can network with other members across the nation.  Also, on our website, is a Resources Page where we post documents and such that are helpful to our membership.