Sometimes More is Better…like with Energy Efficiency

The Catholic Church is the largest facility owner in the world! That is quite a distinction. As such, we have the opportunity to be a leader in being “green.” At our conference in Phoenix last spring, there was much talk about Laudato Si and how to act on it.  The tricky part is how to finance these energy efficiency efforts.

Click on the link below to read a great article published in the National Catholic Reporter about the Archdiocese of Chicago’s continued efforts to be responsible property owners. This article features Jennifer Shankie, who has since left the Archdiocese of Chicago and is now the Director of Energy Services with Catholic Covenant Energies. This article talks about ways to implement changes at little or no cost.


CCFM has previously recorded webinars on our website, www.ccfm.net, regarding energy efficiency – best practices and benchmarking.  Contact us if you have further questions:  ccfm@archstl.org

What the World Needs Now

From Dave Prada, the Miami Diocese, comes this article on their youngest member of the diocese, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church and her blessed dedication.  It’s a beautiful church, having emerged from the Blessed Trinity Mission Church, and centered around a 26′ tall mosaic statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This is 30,000 square feet of green building and was dedicated last December on Her feast day, December 12.  As you may know, our CCFM Conference will be in Miami this year, April 24-25; maybe we’ll get to see this in person!

Click hear to read article

Yay for the Chicago Diocese!

A tip of the hat to the Chicago Archdiocese for the wonderful work on energy conservation.

Click Here to read the article on the pioneering efforts this diocese has made and be inspired!

If you have thoughts or questions about how you can implement some of these ideas, contact our Chicago Archdiocese member, Jennifer Shankie.  She happens to head up CCFM’s Energy Committee!

You can email Jennifer at jenniferashankie@gmail.com

Chapel Renovation

In addition to cathedrals, catholic parish churches, and shrines we also have chapels that survive and need renovation.   The San Damiano Chapel at Viterbo University is one such chapel.  The building turned 100 years old last year and the sisters founded a school on the site more that 125 years ago.   This was a $1.2 million project that covered many aspects of renovation including replacing the lights with LED for better efficiency.  Read more on this story, click here.