CCFM Committees

Typically, our committees begin meeting after the conference in the spring and will meet once a month, excepting July, December and the following year’s conference month. That’s a total of nine conference calls a year. The calls are kept to under an hour. The executive director attends all committee calls as well as one board member. We appreciate our members’ involvement and love to see new faces and get new perspectives. If interested, please email for more information.


The goal of this committee is to guide and determine best practices for CCFM to communicate regularly with the member community. Topics of discussion are social media, email marketing, website features, newsletter content and format, and more. This committee is open to both religious members and corporate members.

Conference Planning

This committee is made up of the previous conference’s host arch/diocesan representative, the upcoming host arch/diocesan representative, our meeting planner, our executive director, associate director, education committee chair, and a board member.

Corporate Membership

This committee deals specifically with corporate membership needs, service, and presence issues. Guidelines are set and programs are begun through this committee. It is chaired by the executive director and has one other board member on it. It is open to religious members and corporate members.

Educational Committee

This committee is closed to general membership. It is and has been manned by Andy Guljas and the folks from the Diocese of Indianapolis. They are responsible for collecting possible educational tracks. They work with the board and the Conference Planning Committee to choose the tracks for each conference. They also collect the summaries, bios, etc. and do the paperwork and filing for the AIA credits. If you see them, please thank them for their work!

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Committee

This is our newest committee formed after Pope Francis’ encyclical titled “Laudato Si,” (care for our common home) came out. It deals with all things related to energy and environmental issues that may be of interest to our membership. They develop webinar offerings and usually offer an educational track for the conference. This committee is open to both religious and corporate members.


This committee deals with issues concerning religious membership. We discuss how to serve our members, how to grow membership, and how to connect members with each other in a meaningful way. It is open to religious and corporate members.

Strategic Planning

This committee works with our strategic plan document, available on the website. It is populated by board members as changes throughout the life of this organization require updates to the plan. It is not open to general membership.